Household Size

1 person - 42,500
2 person - 48,600
3 person - 54,650
4 person - 60,700
5 person - 65,600
6 person - 70,450
7 person - 75,300
8 person - 80,150

Income limits apply to all programs administered by NCHI.  Limits are set by HUD for the Lafayette Housing Consortium area. Income limits change periodically.


We assist low to  moderate income persons or families by providing down payment assistance for the purchase of a home. An applicant must provide documentation of income and assets and be income qualified according to HUD guidelines and the regulations of our local funding agencies. For example, if you are a household of one, the limit currently is $39,450 gross annual income. 
The applicant must be able to obtain a mortgage to finance the purchase of a home. The downpayment assistance given is in the form of a second mortgage and promissory note that is forgiven after living in the home for 10 years. The home must be your principal residence and no part of the home may be rented out.